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Welcome to Boy Scouts of America Troop 333


(Updated January 21, 2018)

We are a group of young men and dedicated adults having fun and adventure in the great outdoors while living the principles of the Boy Scout Oath and Law.Troop 333, chartered on February 1, 1963, has a rich history of leadership development and a tradition of service to the community.

A significant number of our Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout — a rank attained by fewer than 2% of all youth who enter the Scouting program.

The Troop follows the principles of a “boy-run troop” where Scouts, through their elected leadership, plan and execute the meetings, activities and outings.  The adult leaders act as an ever present resource to help, advise and support them in achieving their goals, which they have indicated are:

  • Make sure that Scouts have fun and learn at the same time.
  • Keep scouts interested in advancement and stay involved in Scouting.
  • Guide boys in planning the troop program.
  • Provide leadership training and developmental opportunities for scouts.

As of January 2018, Troop 333 has connected the Troop Advancement recordkeeping in Scoutbook with the the National BSA ScoutNet system according to BSA recommendations.   Scoutbook makes it MUCH easier for Scouts and parents to keep track of a Scouts progress through the Boy Scout advancement program.

If you have not done so, set up an account on Scoutbook TODAY.

Torrent Falls Rock Climbing. Adventure!

A group of brave scouts and adults traveled to a world mecca of rock climbing in the Daniel Boone National Forest near Campton, KY for a once in a lifetime adventure.

Torrent Falls offers one of the few “Via Ferrata” (iron way) rock climbing courses which allow participants with little rock climbing experience the excitement of traversing great rocky heights with well thought out safety precautions.

After a 6 hour drive to Kentucky and a night sleeping in tents down to a bracing 25 degrees temperature, the troop headed over to Torrent Falls.  The adventure began with 45 minutes of safety instruction and equipment checkout, and then the staff turned us loose under the watchful eyes of experienced climbers.

See some pictures below.

20171111_105413 20171111_115616 20171111_120847 20171111_145219



Troop 333 Patrol Orienteers to 2d Place at Camporee

A group of intrepid Troop 333 scouts orienteered their way to a 2d place at the MOECOMDWS Fall Camporee in September.

The activities involved 12 miles of exploring round Camp Manatoc looking for markers in the CS:GO themed event, including the final timed night competition.

Scouts had the opportunity to earn requirements towards the Search and Rescue Merit Badge.

Congratulations, Scouts!

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Summer Camp Report 2016

Troop 333 Summer Camp Report 2016

by Troop Scout Webmaster

So once again in the week just after Father’s Day, Troop 333 went down to Camp Manotoc for BSA summer camp 2016. The boys worked on various merit badges ranging from rifle and shotgun shooting to automotive repair, aviation,  metalwork, environmental science, lifesaving,  basketry, and more for a good portion of the day every day. Some Eagle required, some of personal interest and some just fun.  I in particular worked on lifesaving, shotgun, environmental science, and emergency preparedness. In the end I completed 2 of the four and went back several weeks later to complete the other 2.

The daily schedule was essentially:

  • Get up
  • Go to Breakfast
  • Go off to merit badges
  • Freetime
  • Lunch
  • More merit badges
  • Dinner
  • Retreat
  • Freetime
  • Lights out

Each instructor was different and unique like the merit badges.

Dinner was really nice, because we didn’t have to cook it. The meals were tasty, satisfying and nutritious.  After dinner on some days there was open swim at the pool which was a lot of fun. During retreat everyone in the entire camp would stand at attention in the parade field as flag was lowered. Then each troop would march out for review.

On the last night had closing ceremonies. I’m not allowed to tell you about the specifics but essentially it’s a story about Manatoc and the journey of a scout followed by different year scouts marching to different parts of the camp to attend a ceremony marking the number of years they have attended camp.  Well I say thats this years summer camp “summer”-ised. Thank you for reading.

National Youth Leadership Training 2016

NYLT Camp 2016

by Troop Scout Webmaster

National Youth Leadership Training or NYLT, is a chance for Boy Scouts to learn more about how to effectively lead others. Two boys attended from Troop 333 this year.   At camp we are all divided from our troop mates and put with 4-5 other people from different troops. Once that’s done that’s your “patrol” for the week.

Every morning 2 of your patrol mates would go and grab your patrols food crate and you would make do with what you got whether it be eggs or insta-pancakes mix. After breakfast you would go down to a makeshift parade field and have a flag raising ceremony and then go on off to a lecture. At These lectures scouts would learn about teaching methods like EDGE which stands for Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, and Enable. And how to effectively set goals to reach your visions using a method called S.M.A.R.T goals. Smart stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.  After a few lectures we would go grab our lunch crates and start making lunch.

After lunch more talks and then after that dinner and lights out a few hours later. On some days we would do a fun activity like watch a movie or do a team building activity like the lego challenge where one person from our patrol would go up and look at a lego build, then he would report. Everyday we would switch being the patrol leader so everyone got to be a patrol leader. On thursday we did a cool overnight activity where we would use gps to find a camping spot and then camp there overnight.

Eventually the week came to a close along with the camp. We had a campfire ceremony in which we listened to a story about Baden Powell and learned a little bit more about scouting. After that we were all congratulated on making it through the week and sent home with our parents.

Scouts Attend 2014 Summer Camp at Manatoc

ManatocMascotFor one week in June, Troop 333 headed to Camp Manatoc for Boy Scout Summer Camp. As usual for the last 40 years or so, we stayed at Buckeye campsite, which is an awesome campsite, not only because we stay there, but also because it is near the Archery, Rifle, and Shotgun ranges, along with the Trading Post (the camp store), and the Dining Hall, the largest Wormy Chestnut building in the world! Another tradition we are establishing, since they started selling hammocks at the Trading Post, is the “Hammock City” where everybody who brought a hammock from previous years or recently bought one, hangs them up in a close general vicinity. Everybody’s favorite night of camp is Wednesday night, or Family Night, where parents and siblings come out to the camp and bring dinner for their scout. One of the main purposes of camp is to start, and if possible, finish several merit badges. This year we had a ~75% completion rate overall with 56 badges finished. The most merit badges earned by a scout was 4, which several scouts did. In the end, everybody had fun, earned badges and made friends.

Troop 333 Scouts Participate in National Youth Leadership Training


On the week of June 8, 2014, 4 Troop 333 scouts headed to Camp Butler, for a week at National Youth Leadership Training. Every year, many Boy Scout and Venture Scout Troops from the area send scouts out to Camp Butler, where they learn how to be better leaders in their home units. Some things that were taught there were better communication, helping newer people feel accepted, and better teamwork. Monday through Thursday each represented a ‘week’ in a ‘month’ of a troop. Each scout was put into a random group of 7 other scouts, in order to better model team building as it would be in a new troop. Unlike a new troop however, each day, a new set of two scouts got to be Assistant Patrol Leader and Patrol Leader. All in all, there was a total of 14 teams, each with a corresponding color and design: solid or plaid colors, which were divided into 2 troops: Troop Fire for the solid patrols, and Troop Ice for the Plaid patrols. For meals, teams would have to prepare them themselves. Throughout the week, there were friendships made, along with good food. Each team also made a skit demonstrating what leadership meant to them. These were presented on Friday, after the groups spent most of the week working together on them. When all was said and done, everybody learned something new to take to their home units.

Troop 333 Hosts 2014 Klondike

Sled Race 2014

The Great Sled Race 2014

Over the weekend of January 24th, 14 patrols gathered at Camp Butler to partake in the 2014 Annual Klondike Campout, which was planned and run by Troop 333.  As the host for this year’s Klondike, Troop 333 was responsible for coming up with a theme for the campout and with stations that relate to the theme.  The theme chosen by the scouts of Troop 333 (almost unanimously) was “Lord of the Rings”.  After around four months of planning, brainstorming, and preparing in general, each of the patrols was ready for the Klondike, with the result being the stations that were present on the Klondike: The Obstacle Course, Ladder Building, Fire-Making, Shelter-Building, Blind Tent-Building, First Aid, and the pièce de résistance: The Sled Race.

Finally, the day of the Klondike arrived, and with it came cold temperatures and a lot of snow.  As the snow began to fall, the scouts of Troop 333 headed to their stations to wait for the competitors. As the day wore on, temperatures continued to hover at –5 to –2 degrees (not factoring wind chill). Overall, the competitors did well at the morning stations, but cold and hungry, everyone was glad to break for lunch back at their camps. At about 1:45 PM, after everyone had finished the stations, we were hit by a near complete whiteout. Fortunately, the snow cleared in time for the main event, The Sled Race.  Among the winning patrols were The Rainbow Narwhals and The Fellowship, with The Fellowship winning first place overall.

Best Patch Ever

Best Patch Ever

On Saturday night, much like every year, the adults prepared a large dinner for the all of the scouts and adults who came to the campout.  Pasta, meatballs, sausage, green beans, and cookies were served. After dinner, the top 3 patrols got prizes for their victory at the awards ceremony. First place got a ring on a chain and a bag of onion rings, second place got a staff with a yellow glow stick on top, and third place got a staff with a red glow stick on top.  To top it off, after we went inside to unwind from the day, the adults put on “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” for us to watch. When all was said and done, we had a great time on the campout.

Click here for more Klondike photos and to view The Great Sled Race Movie.

Webelos Events – Fall 2013


Looking for information about Boy Scouting and area troops? Webelos I and II and their parents are invited to join Troop 333 for a special campout this November:

Webelos Campout and Turkey Roast (Vale Edge Cabin, Camp Manatoc) – Nov. 9-10, 2013

This event features Troop 333’s famous outdoor roasted turkey feast, with all of the trimmings, scouting skills stations developed by Troop 333 scouts, and opportunities learn more about Boy Scouting and Troop 333’s activities.

Troop 333 parents, leaders and scouts will be on hand to answer questions about the troop’s program and to share stories about the troop’s previous adventures. Please click on the link above for detailed information and to RSVP.

Ready to learn more right now?  Feel free to browse our website and check out our Webelos page for info about troop meetings, upcoming events and more.

First Class Scout Leads Holiday Service Project

A First Class scout from Troop 333 of Hudson, Ohio gave his time and service to coordinate a warm clothing drive to benefit the less fortunate and homeless in Akron.

In December 2012, over 535 items of warm clothing, including hats, coats, and gloves, were collected and sorted by the Troop 333 First Class scout. These items were then distributed to Akron area homeless living under the Y Bridge by the Matthew 8:20 Mission, a street ministry in Akron. Hot soup, sandwiches, cocoa and coffee were also served to the homeless by the scout and his volunteer helpers as part of this project.

Bill Young, leader of the Matthew 8:20 Mission, mentioned that this was the largest one-time donation that that Matthew 8:20 Mission has received on behalf of the homeless and less fortunate. On the morning of the drop off, guests who partook of the donations expressed their gratitude and exchanged smiles with the scout and his helpers.

Troop 333 congratulates this scout on his first, and very successful, service project.


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